Chesapeake Area Shelter Team(CAST)

This winter we are supporting CAST.  If you would like to know how you or your organization can help, contact Kelly Cunningham, 607-731-4923

Use the following links to sign up as a volunteer or to donate meal and guest supplies.

Please bring all donations to the church.

Leadership Team


          Jim Cunningham 757-374-4202

          Kelly Cunningham 607-731-4923

Meal Coordinator-

          Selena Fields 864-634-5876

Breakfast coordinator-

          Jeff Betz 919-621-2504

Registration Team Leader-

          Dena McMaster 757-810-9910

Overnight Team Leader-


Shower Team leaders-



Laundry volunteer:


Intake team leader:


Prayer warriors-


Entertainment coordinator:


Follow-up person:


Clothing volunteer: