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The Daniel Plan

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Christian Yoga

You may have heard that Yoga is mystical or is used to worship other Gods, but I’m here to dispel that myth. Yoga is for EVERYBODY! Yoga, which is primarily the practice of performing postures and focusing on the breath, was created thousands of years ago, and then the Hindus and Buddhists adapted its practice into their religions. This means we can adapt it for Christianity as well!  For 6 weeks, we’ll practice postures, and breathing, with Christian music and a focus on Christ. The wonderful thing about yoga, is that not only does it do so much for the body, but it helps free up space in the mind too!  So by freeing up that space, we’ll be able to lead a more Christ centered life, while feeling good too!

Meet Your Instructor - Ryan Kassiris

Ryan Kassiris. I found Yoga about 8 years ago and realized earlier this year that I wanted to be an instructor. Hot Vinyasa is my favorite style because I enjoy the intensity of the heat and that it helps my body stretch, strengthen, and be more flexible. I love being active and lifting weights, so I also teach Power Yoga with weights. I completed my 200 hour RYT training and 300 hour RYT training at Chesapeake Hot Yoga in 2019 and I’m extremely enthusiastic about sharing my love of Yoga with everyone. When I’m not practicing Yoga, I’m a Certified Public Accountant that enjoys working with small and large businesses. I live in the Grassfield area of Chesapeake with my wonderful husband, Jason, 2 amazing kids, and 1 playful German Shepherd.  In my classes, I aspire to help others enhance their mind & body wellness through Yoga.

the Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan is a healthy lifestyle program framed around abundance, not deprivation.  You will enjoy eating delicious whole foods; food grown on a plant, not man-made products created in a plant. Start by bringing in the good, and with every healthy choice, you will begin to feel better. Focus on all the amazing food you can enjoy. 

Meet Your Instructor - Tonia McClure Burke

Tonia Burke is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion for  - integrative health, nutrition, and wellness. She believes that given a chance, the body is capable of heling itself. As a busy health care manager, mom of 3 boys, and wife, she enjoys helping people learn to integrate healthy choices into their busy lives. Tonia holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and Master’s in Exercise Physiology.  She received her nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories: plant based, gluten-free, Paleo, raw food, vegan, macrobiotics, and everything in between. Tonia’s passion is using her medical training and holistic nutrition training to help people achieve optimal health.